Other Patient Information

Test Results

Test results will be reviewed by the doctor when they are received.   Test results take, on average, 3 days to receive.   Our staff will contact the patient if the doctor requests a follow up appointment once a result has been received.


In some cases, ongoing prescriptions or ongoing referrals may be provided without consultation.  We need a minimum of 48 hrs notice please.  There is a fee of $10- $20 for prescriptions or referrals  without a consultation.   There is no Medicare rebate for these items.

Home Visits

If necessary we will visit patients at home but we usually find it better to see you at the medical centre where we have full facilities.  It is usually not possible to do urgent house calls – if it is an emergency call  000 for an ambulance.

Phone Calls

Our practice nurses can provide advice and follow up for some conditions over the phone.  Please be sure your query is straight forward.  We cannot make a diagnosis over the telephone!  To minimize interruptions to other patients, receptionists may take your number so that you can be called back.  If the matter is urgent let the receptionist know so that you can be put straight through to the nurse.  If our nurse is unable to assist or feels the matter requires a doctor’s assistance she will either make an appointment for you to see one of the doctors, speak to them for advice or ask the doctor to return your call.  Return calls by the doctor will be made either at the end of their morning session or at the end of the day.


Details of PAP smears, and childhood immunizations performed at TMC are forwarded to the PAP Smear and Australian Childhood Immunisation Registers.  These registers are important to determine the numbers of Australians accessing these services.  Please discuss these registers with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Reminder Systems

Our practice is committed to preventative care and routinely records information which is later used to remind patients about investigations, visits, or procedures when they are due.  If you would prefer not to be entered into this reminder system please let your doctor know.

Privacy Policy

Your medical record is a confidential document.  Your privacy is important to us in safeguarding your information.  Download our Privacy Policy.

Complaints, Constructive Criticism, Praise, Etc

If you have a problem or can think of a way for us to improve our service, please discuss it with your doctor or our Practice Manager.

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PLEASE NOTE: as from Sunday 24th May 2020 we will be ceasing Sunday clinic until further notice, Due to the COVID pandemic.

Public Holidays (Excluding Christmas Day & Good Friday) 9:00am – 11:00am

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Emergency Clinic at Toormina Medical only   Saturday  9:00am – 12:00pm

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