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Most GPs at TMC can perform a full skin check. TMC has multiple GPs who have a special interest in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. We also have a dedicated treatment room for skin cancer management. Our GPs utilise dermatoscopes to closely examine skin lesions to assess if they are malignant and require intervention.

We recommend that you book an appointment 6 weeks prior to travel to discuss your travel vaccination needs.

We regularly stock vaccinations for:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Meningitis
  • Diptheria
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Whooping cough
  • Influenza including swine flu.

We can also update immunity against:

  • Q fever
  • Rabies
  • Yellow fever. 

Yellow Fever Vaccinations
Toormina and Sawtell Medical Centre has been approved as a government accredited vaccination centre for Yellow Fever. If you are to have a Yellow Fever vaccination, please consult your GP prior as this is a live vaccination. Only specific GPs in our practice are accredited to administer this vaccination.

TMC is a registered Worker’s Compensation clinic. We have multiple GPs who regularly work with Worker’s Compensation clients. We also liaise with various insurance companies and Return to Work Coordinators to assist with your recovery.

The medical centre’s experienced GPs recognise the importance of managing the four major areas of diabetes management:

  1. Blood glucose
  2. Lipids
  3. Body weight
  4. Blood pressure.

Our GPs use medications if required, encourage increased exercise levels and provide patient counselling, as do the Practice Nurses.

GPs refer to Dietitians, Diabetic Educators, Exercise Physiologists, Diabetes Australia and Endocrinologists who specialise in diabetes.  These practitioners work together with patients to optimise diabetic control.

Diabetes Clinics
Toormina Medical Centres (TMC) maintains a diabetes register for all Toormina Medical Centre and Sawtell Medical Centre patients who have diabetes. All patients on the diabetes register have the option of having an annual diabetes review for which they will be send a reminder letter with a pathology form. The patient will then have the option of booking in with one of the practice nurses for a half hour general health review which includes a measurement of weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, diet and exercise. The patient will then see their regular doctor for a diabetes consultation.

As part of our integrated diabetes care TMC has visiting podiatrists, an exercise physiologist, diabetes educator and a dietician.

Mental illness affects 1 in 2 Australians in their lifetimes. Our GPs are experienced at recognising any early signs or symptoms of mental illness and are equipped to ensure rapid access to effective treatment. If you require a Mental Health Care Plan, please book a specific 30min appointment for this service.

TMC is passionate about regular health checks for male patients. We provide a range of services including fertility support, sexual health screening, heart health checks, mental health checks and discussion of prostate cancer screening.

Our doctors care for children of all ages. We provide all childhood vaccinations available from birth. We also provide a 6 week post-natal check for both mothers and babies and follow up checks as children age.

TMC is focused on supplying the best possible healthcare to our aging patients. TMC supports local nursing homes with medical advice and support and several GPs at TMC visit local nursing homes regularly.

TMC provides audiology and spirometry required for most employment medicals and heavy vehicle licences. These services are provided in-house as part of your medical assessments.

Our GPs are committed to providing a full range of services to female patients. We are focused on preventative health screening for cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, digestive disorders and bowel, breast and cervical cancer.
We also provide a full range of contraceptive advice and options and advice on reproductive health.

Dr. Sharon Tan will be returning to Toormina and Sawtell Medical centres and running IUDs also known as intrauterine devices (Mirena/Kyleena/Copper) and contraceptive implant (implanon) clinics from the 8th of August.
These are all fantastic cost effective options for long lasting contraception with hormonal IUDs (mirena/kyleena) lasting 5 years, copper IUDs lasting 10 years and implanons lasting 3 years.
Hormonal IUDs can also assist with problematic menstrual cycles.
If you have more questions or are interested in one of these options, please see reception to book an appointment.
N.B. Unfortunately Dr Tan will not be seeing patients outside of these clinics until further notice.

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